Ambassador Programme Donating to Grassroots

Bread now, jam tomorrow? Trawling through news articles this morning I came across a piece on grassroots funding, an initiative called 'Awards for all' commissioned by the National Lottery. Whilst it is to be applauded it may wish to reconsider its title as there are caveats, the main one, if your organisation is too large and you've got a track record in successful funding you won't qualify. Not really awards for all then? At Laceeze we don't restrict, big, small, rich or not so, every time your club achieves a sale by quoting a unique ambassador code you get funding to use however you please now! Unlike some of the big corporates who have to be seen to offer community funding, we decided

Laceeze Shoots for Grassroots

Laceeze Shoots for Grassroots Jeremy Corbin has pledged in his manifesto to address the financial disparity in the world of football. The featured fixture being Grassroots v Professional. Politics and football meet again but who will come out victorious? I'm not going to give my political view, that's way too risky, not going to say what we might do, anyone is capable of that. No, let's tell you what we are doing, right now. Laceeze donates a percentage of profit back to grassroots sports clubs on a daily basis through our ever expanding ambassador programmes. Right now Grassroots clubs are getting money to spend on kits and equipment and it's all being raised by the amazing children an

Laceeze Earns 'Made in Britain Marque'

'Marque' It News We talk daily at Laceeze about what is is that makes a brand and why it's important, not only to us but to everyone who buys our product. It's simple to go to market and mass produce, 'stack um high and sell um cheap' how many times have we heard that? Well that's not our philosophy here, it's about quality, it's about pride and it's about credibility. We want our bands to stand out from the crowd, to have a moral compass as well as offer a practical solution to shoe laces coming undone during sport. We are already donating back into grassroots sports, partnering events and reducing stress levels in the junior coaching fraternity across the UK and we want to do more! We to

Laceeze grace the glossies!

Just seven months after conception, yesterday saw our stunning silicon Laceeze bands feature in Not just on one page but two and the wonderful people at the magazine showcased three of our colours, inferno, lime and ice at the foot of Tekkerz Kid's page! We are football mad here at Laceeze so imagine the pride we felt, awesome. Having begun its media career in such a strong publication, Laceeze bands have been set a new challenge, where will you see us next? Rest assured our team have big plans for our little star product so please keep checking in to our blogs for the latest.

Laceeze forms partnerships with grassroots clubs.

Laceeze has just formed 3 new grassroots partnerships with local football academies namely, Junior Sports Coaching, Champion Sports Group and BRS Academy. We are thrilled to be partnering such high quality businesses. Our band to brand story takes another step in the right direction. A spokesperson for BRS Academy has just told Laceeze 'the kids absolutely love the bands'. Yes, that's what we're talking about! All clubs mentioned now become official Laceeze ambassadors meaning every purchase of Laceeze kicks back a donation to their own club. Our beautiful British band has just scored for grassroots sports and we couldn't be happier. Information regarding our Laceeze Ambassador programme c

From Band to a Brand

From Band to Brand.... Apparently, as I've just read, most bloggers don't know anything about the subject they're blogging about. They're just, well, good at blogging or maybe good at blagging is closer to the truth? Whatever the truth of the matter, blogging is great, apparently... So this is my first blog, bereft of any clue on how to actually write what will be deemed a 'good' blog, I'm left with the comfort that I'm going to blog about something I know a lot about, something I invented and something I'm very much in love with, the brand new Laceeze band, now what could that be? It's make up is a little dull, do you want to read about curing, polymers, moulding? I'm guessing not! It's

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