Laceeze are on the Cool List.....

Laceeze are now on the 'cool list' as well as the kit list. Laceeze is growing fast, it's fantastic, it's what we set out to do. Every day sees increased sales and new ambassadors coming on board from the world of sport across the UK and internationally. Today we dispatched bands to Canada. This gives us a really warm glow. It also satisfies us to know the owners of these beautiful British bands will be able to focus on their game, no lace distraction. The coaches will need to plan more drills to fill in the laces gap now too! Win win. Although we wanted to make the bands appealing aesthetically, which we believe we have managed to do, the most important thing was to provide a solution to

Laceeze Launch Defiance

Laceeze launch #defiance range Dorset based Laceeze Ltd, best known for their silicon band solution to sports laces coming undone, are dipping their toes into the UK clothing market having today announced the launch of their #defiance range. The #defiance range had been planned for some time but only recently did the collection get named. The company is keen to mark its breakthrough into the clothing market with a very clear statement which underpins patriotism and mindset. #defiance symbolises strength, unity and determination all representative of the criteria displayed by elite sportsmen and women. Defiance is also defined as open and bold resistance, a refusal to obey. If anyone ever

Robbie Williams suffers a shoe lace failure

Robbie Williams suffers lace failure! As a relative newcomer to Blogs I'm making an assumption which is there are no particular rules to abide by. Not all blogs need to be informative do they? Not all blogs have to be written with SEO in mind do they? Well of course I don't know the answers but we at Laceeze are in need of some help please so today's blog is an appeal albeit slightly tongue in cheek.. My colleague and I were lucky enough to see Robbie Williams in concert last night at St Mary's Stadium in Southampton. He was, as ever, totally awesome, totally in tune with his audience, defiance pouring from his heart in wake of the last couple of weeks atrocities in Manchester and London.

Anyone for Cricket?

For those who don't know, cricket, not football, is actually the national sport of England. Its status has been in jeopardy for years yet it was once considered to be an intrinsic part of the culture of our country. So what happened? Actually analysing what may or may not have contributed to its demise in popularity is a waste of time. What is marvellous news however is that the quintessential English game is making a revival, and about time too! Where do Laceeze fit into this piece of marvellous news? Shoelaces come undone in all sports and being a mum to a 9 year old budding cricketer who suffers lace failure every time he engages in sport, they fit in very well indeed! You can be forgi

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