I started work 3 days after finishing school age 16, employed as an accounts assistant for a large insurance company. I remained in insurance for far too many years willing myself to "think of something inventive" In the absence of inspiration at that time I ventured into the City and took on a risk portfolio for a large broker, a fast and furious 8 years! I then took a swerve out of the corporate arena and opened a nursery in 2008, from grey suits to nappies and still no moment of innovation inspiration until 3 years into football youth coaching in 2016 when the lightbulb finally went on! The nursery I sold in 2013 realising that trying to create Disney in a highly legislative marketplace wasn't going to happen. When I'm not engaged in Laceeze activity I will be eating, sleeping and breathing football as it's my passion. I'm very fortunate to have a football mad son who plays at a good standard so life is grand. 


RALPH HENLEY..... Laid back to unconscious is the best way to describe this 4 legged friend! Usually found flat out on the office floor until the whiff of food motivates him to move. Ralph also talks, however we are yet to understand him, definitely attention seeking.



I started my working career as a Veterinary nurse following my passion for animals and caring but soon realised that this wasn’t giving me the fulfilment that I dreamt it would.

Desperate to break free of any chains I set up my first business at the age of 19, a contract cleaning company.

This was successful and at its peak we employed over 60 members of staff. I have set up and run a number of other businesses since then including two online retail businesses and I manage my own commercial and residential property portfolio. When Paula first discussed Laceeze with me I saw this as an opportunity which I couldn’t turn down. I am responsible for the day to day development of the business with Paula and the growth of the company through social media. When I am not working you will often see me watching my sons play sport or out enjoying the fresh air and walking my dogs


Without a doubt the liveliest of the 4 legged members of the Laceeze team and Emma's partner in crime. Wilson can often be found tearing up empty packaging cartons and being generally irritating!!! 

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