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*Disclaimer:  This product is not suitable for children under 3 years of age. This product is not a toy. This product may need adjustment in extreme weather conditions and for best results single tie the lace knot. Company registered no: 10431964. Registered address as Trafford Pines, 11A Heather Drive, Ferndown, Dorset, BH229SD.. Patent applied for, application GB1705219.2

Save money and keep warm with our gloves, hat and laceeze bundle. 



Defiance Beanie

The Defiance Beanie Hat is made with super-soft fabric in a cuffed design for insulated comfort

Rib construction for durability and comfort

Soft acrylic fabric for lightweight warmth

Cuffed brim for a snug, comfortable fit

One size.


Outfield Gloves

Fuel heat technology delivering a warm feel throughout use. 

Defiance 'Waterguard' protection coating to repel rain and snow.

Fully integrated silicone grip featuring the defiance logo. 

Tapered wrist cuffs for snug and comfortable fit. 

Made from polyester/spandex 

Imported Product. 

Available in Youth Sizes 


Small youth 4-7 years 

Medium 7-12 years 

Large 12 years + 


Laceeze Bands

Choose a pair of Laceeze bands in either original or Max size. Choose any colour. 


Made in the UK from the highest quality silicon with ribbed technology to improve grip around your shoe. Suitable for use on most surfaces except concrete. 


LACEEZE ORIGINAL: Fits all footwear from child 13 up to and including UK size 6for size 


LACEEZE MAX: Fits all footwear UK 6.5 onwards


You will receive a matching pair 



"Bought the winter care pack. Gloves, Hat and Skins are brilliant quality. The Laceeze have saved loads of time doing mid match lace tying"

Gloves, Hat & Bands Bundle

Laceeze Band choose colour & size
Gloves size

    You will receive a matching pair


    Not suitable for use with any footwear containing spikes.


    Do not use on concrete surfaces.


    This product is not suitable for children under 3 years of age


    This product is not a toy, colours may slightly differ from on screen