Yulu Sling Stix

The Sling Stix set comes with 2 Sling Stix and an ultra-bouncy ball for 2 player games, this can also be played on your own with a wall to rebound the ball from.

Each Sling Stix has easy to grip handles and a suction cup at one end for catching and holding the ball. When it’s time to throw, press the trigger and sling! The ball will be released, allowing you to sling it distances of up to 30 feet! The included ball is extra bouncy for awesome throws, pass to your partner to catch and return.

This is great fun and can be used carefully indoors as well as out. This is the perfect toy for isolation days!!

From age 8 upwards - We have tested this at Laceeze HQ and can confirm that adults here have enjoyed it as much as the children.

Yulu Sling Stix


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