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Bread now, jam tomorrow?

Trawling through news articles this morning I came across a piece on grassroots funding, an initiative called 'Awards for all' commissioned by the National Lottery. Whilst it is to be applauded it may wish to reconsider its title as there are caveats, the main one, if your organisation is too large and you've got a track record in successful funding you won't qualify. Not really awards for all then?

At Laceeze we don't restrict, big, small, rich or not so, every time your club achieves a sale by quoting a unique ambassador code you get funding to use however you please now!

Unlike some of the big corporates who have to be seen to offer community funding, we decided to do so from outset without hurdles. We don't have a big pot of money to dip into but we do give back without exception through our ambassador programmes.

Don't wait for the grand gesture, don't wait to see if your pitch is successful, just get on board with Laceeze and start earning money for your club today! If you then get lucky and receive a grant, well it will be a bit like winning the lottery!

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