Laceeze not just for kids

Too big for our bands?

Laceeze set out to provide a solution to an age old problem, the shoelace coming undone during sport. Aimed at the junior market as this is where the biggest issue is with flailing laces. Why? Well because young children are learning how to tie laces still, they don't have the physical strength to tie what we would call a good strong knot therefore their laces fail more than most. So then, imagine our surprise when we started getting enquiries from 'grown ups ' about our bands. It's not just that very young hands struggle to tie a good lace, no, the lace issue hits able lace tiers too!

Why does a grown person who can tie a good knot suffer lace failure, it makes little sense? The material of laces could be the culprit, some are incredibly shiny making them difficult to do up. Some laces come up very short and others you could make a washing line with. All plausible reasons but there's something else..

There's been some research. I'll strip away technicalities and simplify. Some people have an overactive mid foot, the bit sitting underneath where the laces are done up. This section of foot wrestles around and ultimately causes the laces to loosen up top and then you guessed it, grown person suffers lace failure!

Our enquiries to provide a bigger band have been from people who are serious about their sport, who do not want their training session or workout interrupted. So we listened, agreed and manufactured Laceeze MAX which are suitable for shoe size UK 5 and above. Nobody is therefore too big for our bands and let's face it, they're so cool, easy to wear and available NOW!

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*Disclaimer:  This product is not suitable for children under 3 years of age. This product is not a toy. This product may need adjustment in extreme weather conditions and for best results single tie the lace knot. Company registered no: 10431964. Registered address as Trafford Pines, 11A Heather Drive, Ferndown, Dorset, BH229SD.. Patent Granted GB2560985